VR Sniper Game

Second only to ninja, sniper has got to be job title you secretly would love to have. I’ve built a prototype for the Oculus Rift VR headset, which puts the player directly behind the scope of a high velocity rifle.

Day one

Around a day’s work at the moment, it is a proof of concept to test out if zooming in and picking off your target from a distance will translate on to the rift. The main enemy is the natural shake and movement of your head as you try to keep it steady in a one shot counts, high pressure situation and deal with the added frustration of amplified movement thanks to the zoom.

User testing

The first user testing is so far so good, I was concerned that closing one eye to focus on the rifle sights would cause problems but a few friends have tested it out and they were comfortable with this unique way of using the headset. I’m going to push on and try to make it into a one stage, multiple play through challenge.



The initial scene is a basic tin can alley, with some free assets to make it more believable as a setting, the goal isn’t looks at this stage but it helps to be looking at a clear blue sky when you’re in and out of the headset all day.