Oculus Horror finished

A chair in a room

Above you the a light barely flickers to life, the sounds of its efforts are the loudest sound in this quiet room. Below is a small chair, your feet stand in the worn recess of the seat, it cracks and creaks under your weight. The light flickers… it stays on.

You look around the room to discover the barren state of occupation, the only sign of life is a cigarette that burns away autonomously. Across the room, through the heavy mix of smoke and dust, a cone of dim light travels the floorboards, the narrowest point joins an ajar door, it is only door to the room. The light flickers… it is off.

The cone is broken as a shadow passes over the light. SLAM. The door is shut. A heavy breathing is in your ear, too close. Switch on your torch. Silence.”

The release outline

A chair in a room utilises the immersive power of Oculus Rift and 3D audio to create the experience of you being the centre of horror film.

Stood in the centre of a windowless room you only have the unfolding clues around you to piece together the mystery of what led you to be  standing on a chair in a room.

This short prototype experience was created as a testbed for a number of different ideas and to fully understand the capabilities of what can be done with the Oculus.


  • Full 3D immersion
  • Dramatic movie set pieces
  • Dark/suspenseful soundtrack written specifically for this project
  • Intense sound fx designed in unison to build up tension

Timings and learning

It took around 8.5 days to complete and is still a little rough around the edges but it is all working well enough to be a demo. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Story
  • Scene design
  • Sound design
  • Music creation
  • 3D Modelling
  • Unity 3D Development
  • Javascript
  • Oculus Rift implementation

Still to work out:

  • Different graphics settings
  • Testing / feedback
  • Release page/site

I’ll continue and update as I go.