Oculus demo reactions

Q: What can be more satisfying than seeing your work strapped to someone’s head?
A: Nothing (especially if they scream).


It’s been fun and educational seeing people test out the demo, there’s improvements to be made and things to keep but overall it has been a very exciting and positive process. I have all the reactions, screams and ‘wall stroking’ on video, so the next step is going to be cutting a quick “You’ve been framed” style clip show together of the best bits to send out and about. It’s been nice to see non-gamers and game developers enjoy the experience likewise, some good tips and ideas from both Digital Annexe and the Bossa Studios meetup, many thanks to everyone!

The demo will soon be on it’s way to the Oculus Store, so hopefully people will enjoy the level of immersion that it provides, or just film their friends bricking it.